Here we are, almost in the middle of April and let me tell you we still have fresh snow.  The good news is that the snow is mixed with rain and the rain is named "April Showers!"!!!!  April showers brings May flowers and the tulips are anticipating a break out soon.  Yesterday as I drove to Roseville for open painting, I thought "now what do I paint today.  Hmmmmm"  I imagined the tulips under the ground complaining and having a coffee bitch party but when I got my paints out, i couldn't do it and started painting tulips already sprung.  Here's my rendition.  It is one of the worst paintings i've done but it did feel good pretending that the tulips were already here.  last night I had a big surprise.  I won an honorable mention at the MNWS Spring show at the Minnetonka Art Center.  When I saw my painting's slide appear I was so surprised and felt totally honored.  This is the painting that won the award.  "The living room" is in the home where I grew up in Pennsylvania.  And my other painting of a "Small Town" a memory of my growing-up town with the hills practically in your backyard, also was juried into the show.  It was a fun night, and through the snow and rain we made it to the reception.