I am writing again in April...It snowed last night and there is once again snow on the roofs of houses and on my tulips.  I am thinking a lot about what to do for the demonstration I have been asked to do at Art on the Line May 14....I said I would do a still life with joy and energy, or something like that, so I'm trying to come up with what I want to say and what I want to do.  Some friends have volunteered to sit in the front row and could be part of the painting as in "life is still" concept, and the rest might be a bouquet of flowers that I bring and the imagination of a living room situation.   If you have any ideas or questions that you might want me to answer or what ever email me at emmywhite@gmail.com.  Other than that, I'm working with five other artists on a project called "Manipulating the Masters" that will be at the Hopkins Art Center in March 2012,  I  will let you know as the plans unfold.  The project is totally fun and the group of artists is totally fun as well. No other news around here that I can think of.  I must say, thank you, Mr Black, for stopping in the studio and making my day by finding another painting to purchase to add to your collection.