Time is flying by and September is almost here.  I see changes in the trees and even though we are in an amazing heat wave, Fall murmurs are in the wind.  It's been an exciting month, with Art Camp, The Great State Fair and Wednesday morning paint outs.  Fun is the word.  Also I am in a critique group that meets once a week.  This group is active, going on outings, setting up goals, and it keeps me motivated to think about my painting and keep on steadily.  I am grateful and thankful.  Art Camp was at the Eagle Bluff environmental center near Lanesboro MN.  It is farming country, hilly with barns deep in the valley and black cows that look like specks in the distance, a sweet little town with alleys and old houses.  What more could a painter ask for.  Then to top it all off, my painting, "Luncheon" was accepted into the Minnesota State Fair.