Hello, here I am again.  I wish I could show off some masterpiece but I have essentially been unproductive.  Painting outside in the city in heat of over ninety degrees is my excuse..  Here are a few non winners for you to see what I mean.  The Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Show rejected my entry again this year and since I gave them my very best, it is a bit discouraging.  I'm off for a week in Michigan to be with my sister, Susie, and painting will be at a minimum there.  When I get back, I get to go to art Camp with artist friends. You can't beat that!!!!!  The Minnesota Artist Association is celebrating their 75th Anniversary with a show at the Edina Art Center.  This show should be fabulous with all media and very creative artists presenting.  I have a painting at the Member Show at the Phipps Center in Hudson.  Actually, the "Cows" and it looks alright there under the lights.  This show is small but very interesting.  Minnesota Watercolor Society Show is coming up in September so there is a lot to look forward to.  Take care and I hope to see you some time soon.  Emmy