Oh My, it is almost Christmas Time.  I wrote a poem today about a painting I did yesterday.  I was with my Wednesday Group that paints at the Centennial Methodist Church in Roseville and as I drew near to finishing, my friends stepped in and gave me valuable suggestions.  I absolutely love painting with friends.  Here's my poem and my painting.  Merry Christmas to all.  
I hear the steady sound of the North wind.
Shivers cascade down my spine.
I take a deep breath feeling the energy of Christmas
And I wonder what it all means.
I buy limes, lemons, and red flowers and in a
Scarlet bowl lined with Cobalt Blue
I place my fruit and add a fig, No scurvy for me this winter.
I place the flowers in a couple of vases; then mix up my warm colored paints.
With a little to a lot of help from my artist friends, "Voila"
A new Christmas Painting for all to see.