It's been a good month so far.  I went to San Diego with good friends and enjoyed the time immensely.  Although it was too cold for me to paint masterpieces....ha ha,  the excuse is interesting....I loved being near the waves and the seals, and the brown pelicans with the cormorants hanging out on the rocks.  People were even swimming at the La Jolla cove with wet suits on, but some brave souls had no problem without wet suits and I sat watching with two jackets on, mittens and my Minnesota hat.  Here are a few of my Plein Air catastrophes, and one painting I did after my return, remembering the site of the cove so well in my mind and making the weather very hot with hot hot colors.  I went out to the Elk River National Art Show last Sunday and was pleased to find out my painting "Two Camels and an Angel" won honorable mention and also sold.  So life is good and I'm looking forward to more painting.