With the Winter dragging us down with it's insistent survival, I tend to resist painting winter, snow, shoveling, pine trees laden with snow.  As beautiful as it seems, I just can't do it.  I turn now to yellow, pink and violet forcing the intention of warmth and happiness.  Yes, it may seem like I'm pushing things but what the heck, it makes me feel good.  So here is my latest, called "It's a Lazy Afternoon".  After seeing the George Morrison retrospective show at the Minneapolis Institute, I was impressed with the deep respect I have for his work and the intentional texture he achieved.  So this painting started with using ink, crayon, and splashs of watercolor (no H2O).  Later glazes of watercolor finished the painting.  Oh well at least I wasn't feeling the cold outside.  I will have a painting at the Spring Show of MNWS at Minnetonka Art Center March 7 to April 11.  That is a surprise, since I haven't met the grade for a couple of years.  One never knows when you'll fit into the accepted slot.  Onward.