I'm still getting used to writing 2013 on papers that need to be dated.  It seems to me that the impossible view of the future that existed always in my mind, has crashed now into the present time. It continues to startle me.  I heard yesterday that soon "apps" will be on your wrist watch and the Dick Tracy cartoon of the fifties with Dick checking his watch for information relating to solving mysteries, has now come to be.  I am grateful that my painting process grounds me as I focus on the intricacies of painting.  I love that.  Time flies and I am relaxed as in a quiet meditation.  Painting is good for my health.  My resolution to sketch everyday has fallen by the wayside but painting is still happening weekly and it is energizing my happiness.  Here's one that I did just this week.  There will be a number of Spring Shows coming up.  Minnesota Water Color Society Show in April at the Minnetonka Art Center, Minnesota Artists Association show at Frameworks in March in the Highland District, Art A Whirl in NE Minneapolis in May. I hope to talk with you soon about art.  Please come on March 7 to the First Thursday at Northrup King Building and visit the Studio 321.  Let me know if you see this blog.