After much tearing of hair and wringing of hands, I am back on my blog having been unable to function for a couple of months and trying to figure out what had gone wrong.  So it is January, and I have a few resolutions and hopes for the New Year, as I expect you do as well,  In the Art World, I hope to keep on painting and hope to fill my heart with color and joy and adventure. I hope to visit our Institute of Art in Minneapolis on a regular basis to sketch.  I attend an excellent critique group called Studio 707.  This is a lively group with varied techniques and passions.  It makes for an exciting time to share our art with each other and to go on adventures together.  I will keep you informed.  Here's a recent painting that I thought was quite horrible and the critique group gave their thumbs up with the exception of grounding the chair in the low right corner.  Until our February blog, keep warm, and realize that below zero Minnesota frreeze is a challenge beyond all expectations.