Resolutions.  yikes.  I do resolve to continue painting, but that is all the further my mind has gone.  I ordered paper from Cheap Joe's an art supplier by mail and internet.  I'm ready to go.  Now proceed with 1.) daily sketch something, anything from what I see out my window to what I remember I did yesterday.  Sketching from memory is fun for me and it is where i find a wealth of ideas.  Oh, I need to get to 2) painting at least three times a week Ha that's stretching a bit but I will try. After all, it is only January 5th and my imagination is jumping around, 3) continue showing my art at any possible opportunity, Northrup King Building Studio 321, currently some paintings are being shown at Jules Bistro on St Germain St in St Cloud, great food there too and soon I will have some paintings at the UCare Skyway Senior Center on 950 Nicollet Mall suite 290 in Minneapolis, and the rest of my paintings take up residence in my house.  So there you have it.  Three painting resolutions.  I think the hardest one to keep, but also the most fruitful for my growth, is the number one, sketching everyday.  Wish me luck!!!!!!! Oh, by the way, the painting next to this blog is from Christmas Day Painting excursion at a friends home.  She invites all guests to paint and we all do just that.  this is her living room with the white Christmas lights twinkling on the deck.