I am hearing the cardinal while I post this message.  He/she must live close by and often converses with me in the morning.  Of course, I always talk back.  I have had an active month with a trip to Turkey to add to my visual library.  I learned a lot about the rich past that lies under the earth and of course many of the Roman and Grecian ruins are available to visit.  Now I am painting outside as much as possible.  The weather has been glorious.  Our paint out group meets on Wednesday mornings and we give courage to each other to paint what we see.  Most of my paintings are not good enough to show but I'll post a couple of them here anyway.  Painting outside is another way for me to add to my visual library and I do not expect good paintings from my efforts. But I love being with other painters and learning from them. Until next month have a great summer.  If you are in the Western Mn area of Battle Lake, Mn From July 18 to July 20 come visit me on The Art of the Lakes Studio Tour at the Kron School Studio 18541 County Rd 1 NW  Evansville,