Well, here I am again.  Blathering away..  I did look up whether blather is a word and it is a word meaning foolish loose talk.  Hmmmmm  I'm still on my back porch with my computer and paint stuff.  I have been painting and going to my art critique group.  We meet outside with distancing and lots of fresh air ventilation.  I paint lots of covid and political paintings.  They tend to be rather messy and I do them to help my mental health.  I did get into a rather terrific show that was for plein air painters and was sponsored by the White Bear Center for the Art.s  It is a terrific show and I was totally proud to be among such fantastic artists.  I'll post the painting here so you can see.  Otherwise my son, Brad, and I have taking on adventures during this sequestered time.  It gets out in the fresh air with a "Little Bit" of exercise.  I am especially interested in visiting places a long the Mississippi close to the twin cities.  The river is wonderful to  watch and to paint.  I am terrible with painting water but I love the river so as a result there are many butchered paintings.  I will stop blathering now.  You will be relieved.