I've been painting and enjoying the wonderful warm sunny weather.  Each time I paint outside, I learn something new.  At the Como Conservatory paint out, I forgot my smaller brushes at home.  So I painted with a big mop brush and the painting was amazingly OK.  So this week even though I had all the brushes on hand, I reached for the mop and painted the scene.  I'm not really sure about these paintings but it is an adventure to find new techniques. The adjacent painting was done last week at my friend's Richfield home where the statue of David guards the trees and a pot of pansies took my fancy.  Up coming is the Art of the Lakes tour July 18, 19, 20.  I'm a guest at Cal de Ruyter's studio on Lovely Lake Christina.  This is such a fun weekend event with studios open through out the area for people to stop by and enjoy the art.  Hope to see you there.