It is WARM out and somedays it is even HOT.  All in all, everyone here in Minnesota is very grateful to have shades of green, colorful flowers and sunshine heating our souls.  I've been leaving the house early in the morning to go sketching.  I then paint the sketch later in the day.  It is fascinating to get scenes down town.  The painting to my right is of the location where the Dome used to be.  It has now disappeared under a wrecking ball and a new elaborate sports center will be soon built to house the Viking Football Team  This is the sight.  The white puff ball dome is no longer,  Only purple and white signs on a surrounding fence remain with a electric billboard void of messages.  In its place are huge cranes that decorate the morning sky.  News from my art world is that I have about 22 paintings in St Cloud.  Four of them are at the Paramount Gallery and the rest are hanging at Jules Bistro on St Germain Street.  An Art Crawl will happen Friday the thirteenth from 5-9,  I'll be there at 5.  I hope to see you.