Hurray.....we have finally begun to paint out with our wonderful group of artist friends who gather and paint at different sites throughout the Twin Cities now until Fall.  Oh, I tell you, it is fun!!!!!  I never paint masterpieces outside ( for that matter, inside either) but painting outside is a special challenge.  First of all, you have to be wizard at packing your stuff and not forgetting your brushes or anything else that matters.  Today we started at Western and Dale in St Paul,  Ah, it was a terrific day with sun shining and a gang of artist showing up.  I walked around and I was amazed at all the wonderous paintings.  My attempt this morning was of our "Nice Ride" bikes that you can find all over the cities.  Just put in your credit card and take a ride on a bike.  This bike rack is by the Y on Dale.  Please don't forget the MAA reception tomorrow night, Thursday June 7th at the Robbin Gallery.  I have two paintings there, tulips and Red Car on Minnehaha Parkway.