The Barn that I featured in my January Blog did win an honorable mention at the Northstar Watermedia member show.  Yay!   The reception was cancelled due to the corona virus.  Also the Minnesota Artist Association Spring show reception was cancelled.  The paintings are up but noone can see them for the building sites are closed.  Yikes!!!  I'm sequestered here on my little back porch that is heated, thank goodness and is where I have my painting stuff and computer.  It is still cold out but when it gets warm I can't wait to go out and paint.  People will have to stay 6 feet away from me so I'll have privacy no matter where I go. Can't wait ..l.Here is my "bridge to Calm" that I painted a few weeks ago when I felt panicy and needed to paint to calm down.  Well, I will write in the future and send more paintings along.  I might start a new yola page for 2020 paintings.  take care, stay safe and remember to laugh alot.