Spring is here.  At least my tulips are up.  They are timid though and have not shown their colors yet.  I don't blame them for it is still chilly today.  I don't know if I have any news at all.  But I did have sketching in mind at the beginning of the year with an absolute ridiculous resolution to sketch every day.  This is a warning about resolutions.  Resolutions promote failure.  However, to help my sketching block, I decided to take a sketching class.  It is very interesting.  This class is with the artist instructor, Greg Lipelt, who recommends that drawing lessons will be a great benefit in the development of one;s art journey.  I find the class inspiring and the whole process helps me see new possibilities.  I'm being vague because I am only on class number 3 but I am encouraged.  Now, I did sketch from a photo myself at the age of ten.  It was a little photo but as I was drawing, I thought to myself that I would love to paint her.  And I did and you can see my new painting that I have already framed and hanging in my bedroom.  Also please come to my demo at the Art on the Line show next weekend Friday at 1 PM at the Fine Arts Building in the Minnesota State Fair Grounds.  This is a great show with over 100 artists displaying original watercolor art.  I will have a small wall there too.  The same weekend is Art A Whirl in the NE district of Minneapolis.  Come visit Studio 321 where we can talk and enjoy.