Yikes and all of that.  Here it is May already.  We have had close to 90 degree days and now we are back to the 50's and I have my wool sweater back on.  We have three big shows in the next few weeks and I sure hope to see you there.  Art on a Line and Art a Whirl. and Studio 4 at Robbin Gallery.  I will be there for all three.  I think I'll try and make an extra page for each one so you can refer to that section of my website for info.  Anyway, my son Brian is also helping me with framing.  He has devised a very unique wooden shadow box frame.  I'm pretty excited about this.  Today Brad, my other son, helped hang my small wall at Art on a Line.  I'm doing a demo on Saturday and I'm starting to get nervous.  Oh well, Until later.  emmy