The big news is that Art Attack is next Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Northrup King Building and I will be there in Studio 321.  It is very exciting that we have two new studio painters, Patty Healy and Deb Thornton .  Both are extraordinary painters and I hope all our painting and non painting friends come and welcome them.  I have new paintings framed and unframed and I'm excited to show them to you.  The leaves have finally almost fallen, the sky is blue and the sun is shining.  My sons are raking the leaves and guess what I'm doing?  Talking to you.  Happy November and Happy Thanksgiving.  My Thanksgiving painting this year takes place in my memory of our dining room in PA, my growing up state.  Mother is coming out of the kitchen carrying a platter, Susie sister and myself are sitting at the table, Daddy is getting ready to carve and my brother is coming out of the bathroom.  Oh well, it is an accomplishment to paint seven people in a painting and have the painting only a half sheet.  Life continues to be good.