It still amazes me that I have lived long enough to write the year 2013.  If I was a numbers expert, two thirteens in a day would mean something and all I can think of is that this day must be special.  Last night the Minnesota Watercolor Society put on a stupendous reception for the Fall Show "Water Works" at the Colonial Church in Edina.  This is one great show and I send now congratulations to all the winners of well deserved awards.  To begin with Joan Griffith was playing the guitar sweetly while people roamed the paintings,  Then the people wandered in to the buffet of delicious finger foods.  The Judge, Rachel Flenje from the Bloomington Art Center gave a heart felt talk and thorough reasons for her choices. Here in my art corner, I just hung a 24 piece show at 1666 Coffman, a lovely condo on Larpentur Ave in St Paul.  It was fun to do and I must say the paintings look great in their galleries.  More shows are coming up.  I am entering but they are juried shows and thus I might not get in.  I will keep you posted.  Also we are now open on Saturdays at Studio 321 Northrup King Building and I will be there tomorrow September 14th to greet you if you should happen by.