My name is Emmy White. I paint with watercolor and acrylic .  If you are interested in my work and would like to purchase a painting from me, or to have me make cards from the paintings, do contact me using my email address found under "contact" section    

I have been painting with intention for about twenty years.  In that period of time my biggest accomplishment was to be accepted into the Minnesota State Fair in 2003,05,06,07,08, 09 and 2013.  I'm a member of the Minnesota Watercolor society, Minnesota Artists Association, and the Northstar Watermedia Society.  Also I am a signature member of MNWS and Northstar water media society.  

 I have a studio at Northrup King Building Studio 321.  Come visit us on First Thursdays of every month 5-9 PM and every Saturday 12-4 PM (We will not be open Saturdays in June, July and August).

My Prices: Many of the paintings are framed in a shadow box wooden frame.  the painting is varnished watercolor and thus is protected from exposure to sunlight.  These paintings are 16 x 20 inches are sold for $250.00, or 15 x 22 $250.00 or 30 x 22 inches for $350.

Unframed original art 30 x 22 sold for $150.  15x22 or 16x20 unframed are $75,00

Below is fairly new painting Plein-Air summer 2021 alley in Stillwater, MN

Below is a 16x20 watercolor unframed painting that I did over zoom with a friend who lives in Az and another friend painting in St Paul.  This painting is available at Northrup King Building Studio 321  

This is a video I did a few years ago to expain who I am and what I do 

Below is a watercolor painting 16x20 of St Mary's Lake in Glacier National Park

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