An Adventure!!!!  Yesterday, my friend, Judy Lieber, and I traveled to Buffalo Minnesota where I did a demo of painting and Judy will do a demo in September at the kind invitation of Meredith Jacobson, member of the art group in Buffalo.  They meet in the waiting room of the municipal airport.  When we arrived, people were sitting in the shade of the little building, watching planes and as we later learned waiting for their turn to take a plane up.  Judy and I were early so we scurried to sketch the planes before the meeting.  Meredith laid out a collection of what looked like Minnesota things: decorative chickens, fruit and vegtables, Scandinavian lookig table cloth and summer flowers from her garden in a cobalt blue vase.  I quickly put Meredith in the painting and panicked thinking I could never accomplish a painting this complicated in an hour and a half.  Well, with the helpful suggestions from the group and after taking it home today and working more on it, I do have a finished product,  As you can see the planes are there and I think it is a very Minnesotan painting.  Thankyou, Buffalo Art Friends for the invitation and the adventure!!!!!