Above is called Bad Hair Day.  It is one of my favorite paintings.   Below is a paining I called, Coffee by the railroad"/  Also "Three birds".    This painting is mounted with PH Neutral glue onto Mat Board and framed in a shadow box wooded frame which is very lovely.  The painting is watercolor but no longer needs a plexiglass cover since it is varnished with a matte varnish that gives Ultraviolet light protection to the painting.  Actually I have had many of my paintings framed in this way.  It is a way of protecting the painting and I like the look that brings out the color and does not have to fight reflections from glass or plex.  

Map below on how to get to Northrup King Building in Minneapolis,  1500 Jackson St.  NE

Go North on Central Ave, Minneapolis after crossing the Third Av bridge.  Go two blocks north of Broadway to 14th St.  Turn right on 14th, then go one block to Van Buren and turn right.  There is an entrance on Van Buren and 15th that has a green awning.  Enter there and go to the third floor.  Follow the hallway along to Studio 321.  

1500 Jackson Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN

I have many unframed paintings, original watercolors available for sale at Northrup King. these two abstract paintings one called Blue Square and the other Farm land  are both done on paper that is then attached to a canvas and varnished with Golden Matte Varnish.


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